It’s that time of year again! Spring is almost here, I can feel it! If you’re scheduled for a spring family photo session, now is a good time to start thinking about what to wear. Trust me, you do not want to put this off until the last-minute. In addition to my general “what to wear” recommendations that apply to any time of the year, here are some tips just for those spring sessions!

Coordinating Colors & Patterns

You want to avoid everyone wearing matching outfits. And by “matching”, I’m talking matching EXACTLY – such as every family member wearing khakis and a white shirt. What you DO want to do is wear colors and patterns that coordinate and compliment one another. If one family member is wearing something with a very busy pattern, be sure to dress others in solids to avoid clashing patterns. For example, let’s say you have a little girl and boy. If your daughter will be wearing a dress with various colored flowers all over it, you probably won’t want to dress your son in a plaid shirt. Their clothing would coordinate better if your son wore a solid colored shirt. Too many clashing patterns can distract from your photos and you don’t want that. You want the focus to be on your family, not their distracting outfits!

You Can’t Go Wrong With Light Neutral Colors

When I think of spring, I think about Easter eggs. And when I think about Easter eggs, I think about pastel colors. In the spring, you really can’t go wrong with light pastels and other neutral colors. Some great colors that always photograph well outdoors in the spring are light pinks, light blues, light greens, yellows, tans, creams, etc. I would recommend avoiding really dark, bold solid colors in the spring, such as red, maroon, plum, navy, etc.

Long Flowing Dresses are a Great Option for Women

As a mother myself, I know that most times moms are not IN the photos – we are often the ones taking them. This is why I think it’s especially important for mom to feel her very best on session day. Long, flowing dresses flatter just about every figure. Not only that, they are comfortable! Short dresses are beautiful too, but if you have toddlers or a baby that you will likely be chasing around or holding, do you really want to be pulling your dress down for the entire session? I think not.

If you need some ideas of where to shop for your spring family photo session wardrobe, here are some of my favorites:

Old Navy –¬†great options for the whole family

JoyFolie  Рgreat options for women & girls

Madewell – great options for women & men

Baltic Born – great options for women

Target – great options for the whole family

H&M – great options for children/babies