I love photographing Valentine’s Day mini sessions. The shades of reds and pinks put me in a better mood coming out of winter and knowing we are not far from spring. Although I love photographing these sessions, some years it just doesn’t work out with my schedule. If you have not been able to schedule a session for professional photographs of your little ones this Valentine’s Day, here are a few cute DIY photos ideas. They are inexpensive and easy to recreate in your own home with your camera or phone.

Hearts Garland

Find a bare, solid-colored wall in your home. If you have one facing a window, that would be preferable – especially if you’re going to be using your phone. You can find inexpensive, yet adorable hearts garlands on Amazon. Simply tape it to your wall and have your kids sit in front of it. The little pop of red and pink color in the background just screams “Valentine’s Day”.

A Variety of Balloons

Balloons are always a photo favorite of mine in photographs. Any kind of balloons will do – round balloons in shades of pinks and reds, heart-shaped balloons, l-o-v-e balloon (as pictured below). Get creative with it! Use one gigantic balloon or tons of smaller ones. If you have the time, you could even throw together a simple balloon garland. Here are a few links to some of my favorites:

Round balloons

Heart shaped balloons

l-o-v-e balloon 

Balloon garland

Photo Booth Valentine’s Day Props

Kids LOVE these photo booth props! There is such a great variety and they really add some extra cuteness to photos. Use one, or mix it up and use a couple different ones at the same time. You can find these for any occasion, but here are my favorite photo booth props for Valentine’s Day.


Another kid favorite is confetti! There are so many different options – red confetti, pink confetti, heart-shaped confetti, etc. Sprinkle some on the floor. Have the kids throw it up in the air, toward the camera, or blow it out of their hands. Just get ready for some major confetti cleanup. I actually used faux rose petal for the photo below. That made cleanup a bit easier. Here are links to my favorites:


Heart shaped confetti

Faux rose petals