Choosing a location for your family photo session is an important part of the overall experience. Do you absolutely need to have an amazing, extravagant location to get beautiful photos? The answer is NO, you do not…BUT there are some things you should take into consideration when choosing a location. Here are 4 tips to help you along.

1. Consider Who’s Being Photographed

Do you have children and what are their ages? If you have toddlers, take into consideration their activity level. If they move a lot (like most toddlers do), you may want to choose a location that has lots of safe space for them to roam around. Parks, greenways, and wide open fields are great places for family photo sessions with toddlers. This gives them space to run around and play safely, and also plenty of things in nature to explore if they start to get bored.

2. Consider the Time of Year

When is your family photo session scheduled to take place? If it’s scheduled for the spring, you might want a location with beautiful blooms and flowers. If it’s in the fall, you might want a location with a lot of trees whose leaves have changed to beautiful autumn colors. In the summer, you might want an open, airy field with long, green grass. In the winter, you might want a location with pine trees that remain green all year and have a cozy, holiday feel. Really think about what a location might look like when you’ll be there. A location that is beautiful in the summer might look vastly different in the winter.

3. Consider Cost and Accessibility

Is the location private or public? It’s a good thing to keep in mind that some locations require a permit, proof of insurance, and/or fee for professional photo sessions. Your photographer should be able to let you know in advance if this is the case, and whether or not there will be an additional fee added on to your session to cover these costs. Also think about the ease of accessibility to the location. Is there ample space for parking? Is there a fee for parking? Will the location be crowded? Will the location require a lot of walking around? These are all things to think about. 

4. Consider the Style of Photographs You’re Seeking

Do you envision your family frolicking playfully through a field, or walking together through the streets of the city? These are two drastically different styles, but both equally beautiful. Maybe you’ve always had your family photo sessions in nature and you simply want to try something new this year. It can be fun and exciting for the whole family to switch things up and explore a brand new location together!